The residence manager of Groenveld (Karen Goderis) is 20h per week present.

The schedule can be checked at the bottom of this page and on the home page. It is changed from week to week and always changed during holiday periods. Major closures of the office are also communicated via email to all residents. In short unexpected absences during the day there will only be a simple note at the door of the office. In case of absence of the resident, messages can be left in the mailbox with "incoming mail, in front of the office of Karen Goderis" in the hall of block 1. In the absence of the resident and only in urgent cases, the student can go to a block responsible. They all have a key of the office.

Contact the office

The office is also accessible via telephone, fax and mail at:

Tel. : 016/32.79.00 (call from your hallway to the office with 2 79 00)


Openinghours Office