Contact Residents

Below you can find a list to contact all inhabitants of Groenveld. You will also find which address should be written on the envelope, so that all letters get delivered in the appropriate boxes.


At Groenveld, all phones are connected to the KULeuven telephone-network. This means:

Block 1 (Mercator) Block 2 (Dodoens)
0B 016/32.77.50 0A 016/32.77.55 0B 016/32.77.60 0A 016/32.77.65
1B 016/32.77.51 1A 016/32.77.56 1B 016/32.77.61 1A 016/32.77.66
2B  016/32.77.52 2A 016/32.77.57 2B 016/32.77.62 2A 016/32.77.67
3B  016/32.77.53 3A 016/32.77.58 3B 016/32.77.63 3A 016/32.77.68
4B  016/32.77.54 4A 016/32.77.59 4B 016/32.77.64 4A 016/32.77.69
Block 3 (Minckelers) Block 4 (Stevin)
0B 016/32.77.70 0A 016/32.77.75 0B 016/32.77.80 0A 016/32.77.85
1B 016/32.77.71 1A 016/32.77.76 1B 016/32.77.81 1A 016/32.77.86
2B  016/32.77.72 2A 016/32.77.77 2B 016/32.77.82 2A 016/32.77.87
3B  016/32.77.73 3A 016/32.77.78 3B 016/32.77.83 3A 016/32.77.88
4B  016/32.77.74 4A 016/32.77.79 4B 016/32.77.84 4A 016/32.77.89


Receiving letters

To help the postman, the people who send you a letter have to put the following on the envelope (and only this):

First name Last name

Remisebosweg Nr./mailbox

3001 Heverlee

With in the place of the the Nr.: 2, 3, 4 or 5 (block 1, 2, 3 or 4 respectively) and in the place of mailbox: 0A, 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 0B, 1B, 2B, 3B or 4B, e.g.:

Bart Laenens

Remisebosweg 3/4A

3001 Heverlee

For clarity: the next things don’t have to be put on it, because they are confusing: Residence Groenveld, room 123, ground floor, first floor, block 4, house Dodoens...

Posting letters

The nearest postbus can be found at campus Arenberg 3. The nearest post office is in the Geeraertlaan 24 in Heverlee (second street left on the Remisebosweg after you have crossed the intersection with the expressroad).


The office is accessible via telephone, fax and mail on the following numbers:
Tel: 016/32.79.00 (you can call the office from you floor on the number 2.79.00)
Fax: 016/32.79.13

You can find the opening hours here.


Questions or remarks related to the website can be sent to .