Rental agreement

All students have to sign the rental agreement in Dutch, also the international students. You can find the rental agreement of 2019-2020 in Dutch here.

For your information we do however provide an English translation of the contract. Here is the English version of 2019-2020. We do advise you to read this version before you come over to sign. It is not possible though to sign the English version of the rental agreement. Please note that the translation is provided for informative purposes only: in case of disputes, only the Dutch version of the contract will be legally binding.

The rooms in Groenveld are strictly reserved for bachelors and masters. We make an exception for students who already stayed at Groenveld during 2018-2019 and want to stay for 2019-2020. They can also rent a room as a Manama or a PhD student, but the latter only for a maximum of 2 years.

Internal regulations

In addition to the lease, all tenants also have to sign Groenveld's internal regulations, also in Dutch. 

For your information we also provide an Englisch translation of the internal regulations. You can find the version of 2019-2020 here. We do advise you to read the English version of the internal regulations before you come over to sign.

The internal regulations of 2019-2020 are not completely the same as in 2018-2019. In this version you can read the changes in red.

The internal regulations of Groenveld are completed with the practical guidelines of the brochure 'Guide to Groenveld'. The "Guide to Groenveld"-brochure is a necessary complement to the internal regulations. You can find this guide on this site under tab 'Hire'.