NOTE: The account number for the payements is not the same as last years! Please check that you have the correct payement details!

Give us this day our daily bread... The ancient motto is also maintained in our residence. As usual in modern times, you have a choice: either you go get bread in all weathers, or you get it delivered. This last one has the advantage that Groenveld residence has a 20% discount. A special arrangement has been made with Elbo Bakery. In recent years, the bread order is centrally controlled (hence the discount). Normally you order the bread you want every week by means of an online form. The 'bread responsible' (Joran Gevers, block 1 corridor 4A) passes them on to the bakery. In the morning, the bread you ordered is then provided in the container under your mailbox. Because in the past there were a number of hallways which created too many debts, the system has been changed and one must always pay in advance. Read the section "The System".

To order bread go to your user page.

Bread Responsible

For questions, problems or payments you can contact:

Joran Gevers

Mails about bread orders directed to another address are ignored.

The System

You can order bread for your hallway by the way of the online ordering form. (Also available via menu 'Bread Order'). If you already placed an order before, this should be visible in the form.

If you do not change your order, you get the same order the following week (and you must therefore pay obviously). To cancel your order it is sufficient to order a blank form.

Payments must be done in advance. The system can be seen as a prepaid phone card: You buy credit in advance and thus you can order bread; when you do not have enough money, the order will not be passed on to the bakery. If your balance is not enough to pay the following week, we send a warning mail to the contact person.

It's always possible to place an order and change it whenever you want, regardless of your balance. You do not have to wait until the balance is up to date. The order will only be passed on if there is enough money on your balance. Therefore, pay your bills on time. The remaining amount of your hallway can be found under the menu Bread - Bill. Ordering bread during the current week for that same week is not possible.

When to pay?

Orders and payments must be made before Thursday 18:00. Then the order for the following week is passed on to the bakery.

At the start of the year, we make an exception, and one may pay later for the bread of the first two weeks.

How to pay?

Deposit into account: BE36 7370 5043 4181(mention block and hallway in the statement: eg. 'Bread 4-3A'). Please note that a deposit in Belgium may take several days. The funds should be on our account before Thursday 18 hours.

Contact person

For each hallway, I need a contact person so that I can email them if there is insufficient money on the balance. This person will also receive mail when there is a notification relating to bread. These are the people who make the orders via the site.