Duties and Rights

Every resident of Groenveld

Each student in the residence is responsible for his/her own room and for the shared use of common areas. The first point means that when leaving Groenveld the room must be left in order and clean (drilling holes in the walls is prohibited, furniture and curtains must be present...). The shared responsibility for common areas means that the student follows the division of tasks and appointments that have been worked out by the “hallway responsible” in consultation with all the other hallway inhabitants to keep their lives in the group comfortable. Practically, this means that each student takes on one-eighth of the duties of his/her hallway. Each student also takes care of the peace and silence in the house. From 23h to 10h in the morning it should be quiet on Groenveld. Also try to open/close the doors quietly at night. In addition, each student is expected to share responsibility for the building and the environment. There is no smoking allowed in the entire building.

Corridor Responsibles

For every living group of 8 students there is a corridor responsible. This is usually a senior, who oversees the daily happening in his/her own group. The tasks of a hallway responsible include:

In return for these efforts the corridor responsible gets a larger room (first room of the corridor).

Block responsibles

Per 40 students (A and B-side of each block) you have a “block responsible”. These have in addition to the common task of “hallway responsible”, other specific tasks:


Tasks in the socio-cultural atmosphere:

In exchange for their commitment, they receive a duplex room or bedroom with mezzanine (fourth floor).