Opening hours: 19h to 24h

Keys: the block responsibles

Booking: via the website on your user page


  1. Smoking ban:

    The room is a common room, where it is not allowed to smoke.

  2. Cantus prohibition:

    To limit the annoyance for the nearby corridors, it is forbidden to organise a cantus in the room.

  3. Reservations:

    There should be no music or noise after midnight for the well-being of the surrounding corridors.

    Gv-meetings and activities are given priority over parties and parties, in turn, are given priority over watching TV. Parties can involve mixed groups (a GreenFielder is at least a board member of the association) or non-mixed groups (only GreenFielders): the GreenFielders in any case bear ultimate responsibility for order and discipline.

    For reservations, when picking up the key, a deposit of 20 euros must be paid, which will be returned after checking the room, when the key is delivered.

    Always ensure that the corridors above the room have no hindrance (noise, etc..).

    Furthermore, it is not allowed to book the room 2 consecutive days and also sleepovers are not allowed.

  4. Cleaning:

    Obviously, the room must be cleaned after the activity. The dishes must be done. The waste must be separated and must be put in the right place in self-bought trash bags (in the waste pens, glass bulb and paper- and cardboard room).

To reserve the room quickly for one night, you best make use of the reservation form on your user page!