The office is closed from Tuesday 25/2 till Sunday 1/3

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The office is closed from Tuesday 25/2 till Sunday 1/3 and will be open again on Monday March 2nd.

  1. Defects reported starting from Friday Febr 21st will have be solved on Thursday February 27th. That day a handyman will come over to solve all defects that are reported this way:

What the handyman can solve that day, he will solve. The most urgent things first off course.

  2.  Procedure in case of very urgent defects (no matter when):

      a) Check if 1 of the 8 blokkies is present on Groenveld or in the neighborhood, via a message on Facebook Partypeople Groenveld or via

           SMS, Messenger or email or go over to their room to check if they are present.

      b) Only if none of them is in the neighborhood of reacts within a reasonable time, according to the urgency of your defect, or if they can’t do

           anything to solve the problem, you are allowed to contact Centrale Dispatch via or via 016/32 22 00

           (or via 22000 with the phone on the floor).

If you don’t adhere to this procedure, the costs for the urgent intervention of Technical Guard (=Technische Wacht) can be charged.

What are very urgent defects? That are defects

Please note : the treating of urgent defects by Technical Guard (= Technische Wacht) is

usually not more than to prevent worse, e.g. unplugging a device.

So better check first if you can’t do that yourself too (e.g. disconnect the smoke alarm in

your room and then report via the site that you need a new one)

  1. As a tenant you have to avoid frost damage in your room and in the communal areas on your floor (see internal regulations). So never turn the heater off completely during freezing weather in your room, in the kitchen and in the bathroom. Choose minimum position * and even position 1 or 2 in extremely cold weather. Obviously keep all windows closed. Please do not turn off the heater in the washing area in the cellar of blok 2.
  2. With extreme cold temperatures, we often have in Groenveld problems with no more functioning freezers resulting in spoiled food, although it seems to be contradictory. To avoid this problem there is one good advice : make sure that the temperature in the kitchen doesn’t sink not below 9°C.