Moving in academic year 20-21 : collecting the key + documents

placed by Karen Goderis on 8 September 2020 in Common

Students living in Groenveld (already living in Groenveld in 19-20 or new ones in 20-21) can collect their key starting from Wednesday September 16. So that is possible on September Wednesday 16, Thursday 17 and Friday 18 and this always from 10am till 5pm. It is also possible the week after that. Check the site for the office hours.

New students were asked if they want to conclude an extra contract for the period 10/9-15/9. With that extra contract and only with that extra contract, collecting the key and moving in is possible on Thursday 10, Friday 11, Monday 14 and Tuesday 15 September.

When collecting the key, you also receive your copy of the signed rental agreement and internal regulations, besides some other documents. 

If you can't collect your key and documents yourself personally, you can send a relative/friend to do that for you.